INDUSTRY - Overview

Industry is a broad term for any kind of economic production. Needless to say, a professionally oriented student would look forward to be with the best of the industries. Advanced communication tools today are helping students to access and get absorbed with competent industries based on their capabilities and skills.

After series of brainstorming with the alma mater, industry experts, academicians and seers in the field economy, JNTUK figured out a lacuna in the industry and the students/universities which a normal placement cell fails to fill. Identifying the void made it easy to come up with a ‘working model’ that acted as a bridge between the university and the industry. The Industry Interface as we called it , is a forum and a link for the students who wish to become a prospective employee, and the industry.

How JNTUK can help Students?

To go into the details of industry interface, it would be providing the students with:

  • Webmail through which he/she has a straight access to the necessary industry and keep having employment updates
  • A tamper-proof approach which is monitored by an expert team appointed by the university. The team would have the database of the entire student pool and would monitor the operations on a day to day basis.
  • The team would look into the credentials, necessary documents and any other important information which the industry wishes to know.
Earn while learn – student mentor will earn while he learns and teaches at the same time. He/she would be teaching the peer and earning his pocket money.

JNTUK ensures installing the software and administering smooth functioning of the same There is an intricate web of different programmes and applications interlinked with Industry Interface, to exploit the theme of ‘mutual benefit’ to the fullest

For example if the university/industry/student feels the need for soft skills training, he can get in touch with the respective cell, through the link

How JNTUK can help Industries?

We wish to involve all the giants in the industry sector to identify and encourage the budding geniuses, of which there is no dearth.

JNTUK with the help of Industry would work with all the details for this ‘transfer of talent’. All the vital statistics of the industry will be made available to the students. This includes the industry type/category, brief history; turn over, specialization, incentives for the ‘exceptionally talented’ students like internship within the country or abroad for acquiring special skill sets/training etc.

Industry would also sponsor the best students for their education or training abroad. This would be a quantum leap in progress and boost the economy of the state/country, as the students would have renewed zest and motivation to be associated with the best within the nation.

Industry will also have the unique opportunity to tap the original potential, which will benefit them in a huge way.

In the long run this would convert brain drain into brain gain and work as a major boost to retain our talents within our shores.