E Governance brought about a revolution in the University administration. In fact, this was an impetus to try out new initiatives that would raise the level and image of the university to a global standard. With the help of our strategic partner and after series of brainstorming sessions with the alma mater, industry experts, academicians and seers in the field economy, we figured out lacunae in the industry and the students / universities which a normal placement cell fails to fill. Identifying the void made it easy to come up with a ‘working model’ that acted as a bridge between the university and the industry. The Industry Interface as we call it, is truly a forum and a link for the students who wish to become a prospective employees, and establish linkages with the industry.

JNTUK assures an easy, authentic and clear access between the student and the industry and vice versa.

To go into the details of industry interface, it would be providing the students with: